Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance for Unbound Energy & Sharp Mental Acuity as You Age

Let’s talk perspective for a moment. The norm in the nutrition industry is for you to take someone else’s advice or follow a trending diet based on political, environmental, spiritual or ethical concerns, without any emphasis on you as an individual. These biased approaches may give you short-term benefits, but what are they doing to your long-term health?

I encourage you to step away from dietary stigmas and look at your body for what it is - an intelligent, self-regenerating organism requiring a specific set of tools (nutrients) and environmental conditions to perform optimally as it ages. This perspective, with a tweak of personalization, grants you the ability to cut through nonsensical misinformation so you can make wise food and lifestyle decisions that support your body's lifetime well-being.

In working together, I will help you understand your body, its nutritional needs, and how to satisfy those needs in a way that is realistic, sustainable, and most importantly - FUN :)


oh, hello!


I am living proof that food and lifestyle choices make a difference.

The first eighteen years of my life were colored by asthma, hospital visits, medication dependency, and deep frustration as I watched my friends run wild and free. The following twelve years have been inspired by my desire to feel good which has led me down a path of conscious nourishment, better breathing, and seeking to live in alignment with nature. Now, here I am — living proof that our health is in our hands. I’m medication-free and pain-free with dependable energy, mental clarity, and the ability to move around freely!


i’m on a mission!


My mission is to restore your trust in health care relationships by listening to your story, educating you appropriately, and holding you accountable to be the person you dream to be. Being healthy is more than looking good, it’s feeling good and showing up fully in all areas of life. It’s true you already know the way, I'm just here to guide you through the muck and misinformation until you connect to that truth. Together, we fine-tune.


my background


At the beginning of my dietetic career in 2011, I stepped into the realm of integrative and functional nutrition, never to return to the conventional world once before me. Since then, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with physicians, heart-to-heart with clients, and have taught hundreds of people about the power of using food-as-medicine to prevent and overcome disease in the body. I’ve witnessed head-to-toe eczema transform into clean and clear skin. I’ve heard minute details of forgotten stories from people with advanced dementia. I’ve seen autistic baselines change from anxious to calm. I’ve witnessed the reversal of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer, depression, IBS, and more! The most touching transformation was when my grandmother went from her deathbed to sitting upright and laughing in a matter of days. There’s power in food, and when the body feels calm, safe, and nourished, it can work magic.

I have a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences from TCU and a deep understanding of human physiology, anatomy, and functionality through continued studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition Alliance, and yoga training underneath the Pralaya Yoga and YogaBetter systems.


Good health is your natural birthright.


here’s what clients are saying about our work together…

Natalie understands food as medicine and the healing power of getting the right nutrients into your body. She is positive, supportive, patient, and kind. I feel very lucky to get to work with her.
— Ann P.
Natalie has given me the tools I need to take the best care of not only my son with autism but my entire family. She has put our whole family on a path to a healthier lifestyle and shown us the importance of healing through diet. I couldn’t have made this life change without her.
— Kim S.
My son has suffered from severe eczema his whole life, and for years I followed his pediatrician’s pharmaceutical-based treatment. When that wasn’t working, I listened to my gut and sought out Natalie’s help. With her dietary guidance based on my son’s unique sensitivities and needs, he is now 100% clear. A bonus is that his behavior is better than ever; he can focus, and it’s like he is a different kid entirely!
— Dorin W.
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